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Touristic operator
We are Avianca Exclusive Representatives, operating points of sale in different cities of the country. We have sales for more than USD5.5 million a year and in the same period we serve around 40 thousand clients.
TK Textile industry
With quality designed clothing we make about 100,000 people happy a year, 70% of them children. Our direct customers are supermarkets, distributors and wholesalers. We serve the national and Central American market.
Woonkie: Own brand
We have children’s clothing stores in Valledupar and Bucaramanga, we hope to close 2019 with one more store in Bogotá. Our projections show USD 400 thousand a year in sales, and attention to 11 thousand clients.

Contact Us

For more information, questions or suggestions please contact us through the following attention channels:

(+57) 310 779 50 77 – (+57 1) 475 06 18

75th Street # 69H – 45
Bogotá, Colombia